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Bodyworx Flat Weight Bench C302FB
- Includes Dumbell Rack
- Heavy Duty Steel
- Powder coated finish
- High Density Upholstry
Bodyworx Adjustable Weight Bench C605AB
- Adjustable
- Oversized Cushion
- Beginner to Advanced
- Locking Pin
Bodyworx Weight Bench C324SB FID Utility Bench
- FID + Military Press
- Adjustable Foam Rollers
- Powder Coated
- Space Conscious
BodyWorx Weight Bench C340STB Basic Bench
- Flat, Incline & Decline
- Heavy Duty Steel
- Leg Developer
- High Density Upholstry
Bodyworx Weight Bench C353MWB Mid-Width Bench
- Chrome Crutches
- Adjsutable Back Rest
- Optional Lat Tower
- Heavy Duty
BodyWorx Home Gym L700015
150lb/ 68kg Weight Stack
Adjustable Seat Height
Robust Compact Design
Hugh Range of Exercises
BodyWorx Squat Rack L470HR Half Rack
- Chin Up Bar
- Adjustable Spotter Rail
- Adjustable Rack Height
- Optional Dip Handles
Bodyworx Home Gym L500LG
- Detachable FID Bench
- Squat Bar Included
- Plate Loaded
- Double Sealed Bearings
Horizon Home Gym Torus 5
- 80kg Weight Stack
- 3 Station Gym
- Solid Frame
- Cable Fly Arms

Home Gyms 

Welcome to, this site is owned and operated by Fitquip Fitness. The site has been dedicated to home gyms, Multi Gyms and Strength Equipment for home and commercial application.

Strength or Resistance training is vitally important for our overall health. If helps develop and maintain muscle mass and bone density.

It is often very hard to decide what is the best equipment or your needs, so here is an over view of the key considerations in choosing the best equipment for your needs.

Before I explain each type of product, you will need to consider where you are going to locate your equipment. Typically, strength equipment requires a lot of space and quite often this is a key deciding factor.

Home Gyms

Home Gyms typically come with its own weight stack where the amount of weight is selectable by relocating a selector pin. It will have many different types for exercise functions to work individual muscles and muscle groups. Home Gyms come in many different configuration and optional attachments.

Multi Gym 

Multi Gyms are very similar to a home gym but typically have more solid frame and multiple weight stacks. This type of gym is often used in Hotels and small gyms and with the multiple weight stacks allows for more than one user at once.

Weight Benches 

There are many types of Weight Bench’s, from the standard bench with an attached rack for the bar, a FID bench to a Flat Bench.

Power Cage

A Power Cage can be used as a bench but has many more advantages over a bench. Ideal for the more serious trainers.

Smith Machine

There are now a few versions of Smith Machines. Again these are more for the serious trainer and is ideal for pushing the limits of your strength without needing a spotter.

Leverage Gyms

Leverage Gyms are another great way to push the limits of you strength without the need of a spotter. They combine the attributes of both a Weight Bench and a Home Gym. Most leverage gyms are plate loaded.